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Editor’s note: condoms, condoms original small is that the mainland is Hongkong called condoms, condoms, condoms called Taiwan, but if seriously, they are really not the same… Most people think they’re the same thing. Small original understanding is: condoms, condoms original small is that the mainland is Hongkong called condoms, condoms, condoms called Taiwan.In fact, the difference is not so large!1, condoms are not condoms, condoms in addition to contraception, more important use is to obstruct the role of the virus, and through the national certification of condom brand is very few. Therefore, only through the National Certificate of the brand can be in the outer packaging of “condom” word.Condoms are not condoms.2. Now new condoms are made of natural plant extracts without any toxic and side effects. The inner and outer membranes are coated with natural latex basement membrane containing carcinogenic substances. It solves the problem that traditional condoms can not effectively prevent one hundred percent kinds of viruses such as AIDS, hepatitis B and human papilloma virus.Condoms can effectively prevent diseases besides contraception.So condoms are an upgraded version of condoms, as well as the country’s further authority certification.Let’s give another survey data:We can see that:People who used to say “condom” were the most likely to use vivo and OPPO, while those who used to say “condom” were the most likely to use iPhone.Among the users who refer to condoms, the most frequently used mobile phone brands are vivo, OPPO, iPhone, HUAWEI, and charm blue…Among the users who refer to “condom”, the most mobile brands are iPhone, vivo, OPPO, millet, HUAWEI…Why the number of users who use iPhone is only third in the mention of condom users, and the number of users who use iPhone is ranked first in the number of users who refer to condom?So, why is this happening?Let’s give you an example of life:When it comes to “going to the toilet”, people in relatively remote underdeveloped areas may say, “I’m going to pee.”.” And in the more developed areas, it might say, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”Simply speaking, the difference between “pee pee” and “go to the bathroom” is the difference between condoms and condoms, and the common purpose is to solve a physiological need.However, the main purpose of condom is to use contraception, and the purpose of condom is around “safety”.If the “condom” and “condom” these two concepts into the marketing, then in the brand marketing, small brands or low-end brands want to seize the market, generally will play a very clear core appeal, I call it “condom marketing””:OPPO: charge five minutes, call two hours;Meizu: TianchengAnd those big brands, or market leaders, because of their high visibility and brand reputation, often only give a very vague concept, if you do not look at the brand name, you almost do not know what it wants to express, I call it “condom marketing””:Apple: 7, here;Nike: JUST DO ITDifferent levels of brand, often also correspond to different levels of consumers, different levels of consumer demand and demand points also have obvious differences. This explains why people who are used to saying “condoms” and those who are accustomed to say “condoms” have obvious differences in their mobile phone brands.In fact, not only the mobile phone brand, but also the user’s gender is also different. Among the users who refer to condoms, 57.20% are female users:Among the users who mentioned condom, female users accounted for 47.49%, and the proportion decreased by about 10%:From the data provided, in the mention of condom users, the proportion of men and women: 43 to 57; and mention condom users, men and women ratio: 53 to 47, before and after the difference of 10%.Why is there such a difference?The truth is simple: people only focus on things that are relevant to their own interests.For this is what pops, women are most concerned about the problem?Is it effective for contraception?. Compared with other problems, such as health and disease, it is not immediately bad feedback, it is not so sensitive, but in the short term will happen (such as a month), seriously affect women’s normal life is particularly sensitive. Therefore, contraception is more demanding than “safety”.By contrast, men are not likely to get pregnant, and pay more attention to “safety and hygiene” because this is a bigger relationship with himself.So, as a brand, you want users to focus on your products, first of all, you need to make them pay attention to themselves.Why, enter the “difference” condoms and condom this problem in Baidu, the first to jump out of the answer is the official website of Durex?From the marketing point of view, if you want consumers to pay, the best way is to become an expert and authority in the industry, and even a chief knowledge officer in the community, who undertakes the mission of knowledge storage and knowledge exploration.For example, sunflower medicine has a slogan: “little sunflower mother class started.”!” It is to use “classroom” two words to set up expert image for sunflower pharmaceutical industry.Being an authoritative representative of an industry, it not only won the trust of customers, but also strengthened its leadership position.In fact, we will find that Durex said that for a long time, in fact is not absolutely clear distinction between condoms and condom, but stressed that a condom, condom prevention, national certification and more reliable.So why are there two names?Different names or names are used to evoke different psychological feelings of users.”Why do you use condoms?”””Because I want contraception.”.””Why do you use condoms?”””Because it’s safe.”This is why low calorie Cola will be called “zero Coca-Cola” and “Coca-Cola diet”, rather than the “sugar free Coca-Cola”.If you drink is sugar free Coca-Cola, then you are afraid of obesity, diet for Coca-Cola is much better: “I drink Diet Coke, because I want to be healthy.”Therefore, the name or appeal of the product will arouse the user’s different psychological experience, even if the same person, he can show a completely different state in different psychological environment.Finally, a little more:1, different levels of brand and product, corresponding to different levels of consumers, different levels of consumer demand and demand points have obvious differences;2, people will only pay attention to their own interests related things, want to let users pay attention to your products, first let them pay attention to themselves;3, to become an expert and authority in the industry, and even the chief knowledge officer of a certain aspect of society, to undertake the task of knowledge storage and knowledge exploration for the society.4, different product names and appeals, will arouse consumers’ different psychology, and affect the sales of products.(original title: what is the difference between condoms and condoms? Is there any difference?