Asian Games consume 5 thousand condoms per day

Abstract: Asian Games consume 5 thousand condoms per day. 0″According to the news released by the Organizing Committee of the Inchon Asian Games in South Korea, the number of condoms consumed by athletes’ village was as much as 5000 in one day. Stakeholders said: “for many players, these condoms are not necessary, but as a collection of Asian Games souvenirs,” such a high popularity of condoms seem helpless.18, the Organizing Committee announced that the day before the athletes village consumption of condoms has reached 5000. It is learnt that the Organizing Committee in the athletes’ living service center in the total prepared 100 thousand condoms for athletes free to use. Just 17 days a day, 5000 condoms were robbed of the players. With the development of World AIDS prevention boom, from Spain in 1992 Barcelona (micro-blog official data) the start of the Olympic Games, “for the players to configure condoms” has become one of routine work of the successive international comprehensive sports meeting of the organizing committee.Relevant personage of the Inchon organizing committee told reporters, “according to our understanding of the situation, condoms are so popular is otherwise, many players did not regard it as a necessity, but as a souvenir of the Asian games”. Korean media reported that the Asian Games athletes village men and women hostels separate, and many athletes in order to achieve good results, avoid excessive contact with the opposite sex. But the insider said, “not all of them, like the organizing committee, actually, many athletes use these condoms after the game, and some open style players don’t tell the time before and after the game”. Fist fucking vibrator sex