Girls collect used condoms, with photos of users

Editor’s note: there is a more than 20 year old girl in Norway who likes to collect used condoms, and has collected about 2000. Her goal is to collect ten thousand. In Norway, there’s a more than 20 year old girl who likes to collect used condoms and has collected about 2000.The girl was named Tang Ji Tonje. She attached condoms to the wall of the bedroom, and attached photos of the users to show them to the public.Tonje began collecting condoms at the age of 19, and she was attracted by her first smell of condoms, and after she had been intimate with her boyfriend, she had to store her used condoms, which made her boyfriend unacceptable and broke up. But that didn’t allow Tonje to give up her particular hobby.So far, she has collected 2000 used condoms, her goal is to collect ten thousand. Tonje’s father, who knows his daughter’s alternative hobby, has not been reprimanded, but instead supports his daughter. He has asked his circle of friends to donate their “love security guards”, hoping that her daughter will soon reach her goal. Let’s say something for the enlightened father! Chinese girl realistic dolls