HBM graphene condoms real assessment: safe and comfortable

Editor’s note: in recent years the development of China’s Adult supplies industry rapidly, the major manufacturers are feeling the pressure from the competition and have moves, the design and manufacture of a group and a group of popular products, even a simple condom has gradually been playing a lot more. Not long ago, China condom brand HBM unveiled a new graphene condom, according to official said: not only than the ordinary condoms better elasticity of higher strength, but also can prevent prostate cancer and ovarian cancer, has no toxicity to human cells. Such a powerful condom, as a pioneer in this industry, Xiao Bian, of course, is the first time to get the true evaluation of this graphene condoms, the results may be somewhat unexpected yo.First of all, this kind of graphene condoms on the outer packing do not (BU) (TAI), Chang (Zheng), two planes plus four bevel design, is said to come from Hong kong. Xiao Bian privately guessed that the designer must have been scolded by the packaging staff of the factory……Open the packaging, you can see the HBM graphene condoms and condom use is common, the traditional film sealing process, rather than long as one hand torn or jelly packaging. Although the packaging of jelly is convenient, but the obvious cost will be much higher, has always been HBM’s high (GUI) end (DE) products will be used. So, HBM’s latest graphene condom does not seem to intend to use black strategy to attack the market, but the distribution of profit to consumers for parity. 0″There are not many bright spots on the package, so will the real product give the public some new feelings? After opening the package, you can see the place where the condom is different from the ordinary condom. As we all know, ordinary condoms, whether natural rubber latex or polyurethane sets, the color is transparent white. But the condom is rather dull in color.In order to see the difference of graphene condoms and ordinary condoms, Xiaobian specially find a HBM 002 to compare the two condom thickness is similar, in general the production process is quite clear, color contrast, significant differences can be seen, due to the addition of graphene, graphene thin is dark.Differences in appearance, of course, do not represent quality disparities. Claims in the official propaganda: the new graphene condom strength and elasticity than the ordinary condoms 50%, the data is reliable, official or random? Xiaobian with this question put graphene condom samples to get a Suzhou detection mechanism. Let’s take a look at the results of the professional tests.Test report for Suzhou in a small series of testing agencies: under the microscope, you can add a latex section of graphene is indeed much than latex section smooth without adding graphene was seen, and almost no cracks, the latex properties have been changed, this change is good or bad? It really means that condoms have improved the strength and flexibility?In the second step, the tester uses a tensile tester to stretch the material:The results are as follows:From the test results, we can see that the strength and elasticity of the latex samples added with graphene improved by about 50%. View on the physical properties of graphene does have a relatively good promotion to latex, a manufacturer is not pompous. So this is the biggest highlight of the cancer? True? If it is true, that the condom is really too insane.Because of the efficacy of cancer prevention, in a short period of time there is no way to get the specific results of the test, Xiao Bian then contacted manufacturers to find the origin of this statement – “today’s medical news.”. Medical News Today. This is a website based in Brandon, England, founded in 2003, and has published more than 300 thousand medical news, and is relatively authoritative medical website.There is an article on the site: according to Oncotarget magazine, one from University of Manchester in the UK, by Michael Lisanti (Manchester Institute of oncology Professor) leadership team, described the graphene oxide (modified version of a graphene) is how to act on various tumor tumor stem cells. The researchers said their research could provide the possibility of incorporating graphene into existing therapies that not only shrink tumors, but also prevent recurrences and metastases.According to the report, Xiao Bian has reason to believe that graphene does have the ability to ward off cancer cells. However, note: the full text of this article says is graphene and graphene oxide instead of graphene graphene condoms, so whether condoms also have the same ability? Although graphene containing certain ingredients of graphene condoms, but Xiaobian that the condoms can express at least to the cancer discount.These are small as a variety of professional graphene condoms bring and non professional assessment, the results show that the graphene condoms indeed on the physical properties is better than ordinary condoms, but at this point can prevent cancer may have some effect, but people have not imagined so amazing. And this type of condom has just been on the market, and there may be room for improvement in the future, such as an upgrade, an enhanced version, and a PLUS. Anyway, at present, it seems that this condom product has some redeeming features. I hope the company in Guilin can bring more surprises to the future.(original title: HBM graphene condoms real test)