Promote industrial development, opening of the seventh China Reproductive Health Expo

Abstract: in September 28th, the seventh China Reproductive Health Expo opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. In September 28th, the seventh China Reproductive Health Expo opened at the National Convention Center in Beijing. CPPCC Vice Chairman Luo Fuhe, vice chairman Peng Peiyun of the Standing Committee of the nine NPC, nine, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the ten NPC Standing Committee Chairman Jiang Zhenghua, the national health and Family Planning Commission deputy director Wang Peian, President of China reproductive health industry association Zhang Weiqing, deputy director of the foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, Zhao Baige, chairman of the reproductive health research program Jiang Fan attended the opening ceremony.Wang Peian said in the opening ceremony, the reproductive health industry is to adapt to China’s economic development stage and family planning basic state policy and the rise of new industries. Related to the quality of reproductive health industry and people’s life and health and life, with the development of social economy, people on the material and spiritual life has gradually increased, the demand of different level of reproductive health is growing, more and more enterprises aiming and optimistic about the market. Chinese reproductive health industry association was founded in 10 years, has made remarkable achievements, the reproductive health industry in China has formed a relatively complete system of research, production and sales, has become an important part of the national economy, and has broad prospects for development. Reproductive Health Expo shows the brilliant achievements of China’s population and family planning programs, exchange and promotion of family planning and reproductive health science and technology achievements, and family planning and reproductive health of the new technology and new products to the society, to promote the community to pay more attention to people’s health and development. At present, the health and family planning work is in a critical period of deepening reform. Facing the new situation, new tasks and new requirements, it is necessary to play a good role of the association between the government, enterprises and the masses, so as to form a strong joint force to do a good job. To keep abreast of the needs of the masses, and constantly promote the development of new technologies and new products, enhance the competitiveness of China’s reproductive health enterprises, explore the establishment of a new mode to promote the healthy development of service industry, strengthen self construction, to further enhance the influence of the association, for the growth of China’s reproductive health industry, and strive to better serve the people.The Expo is a large exhibition sponsored by the China Association for reproductive health industry. 500 booths are designed, mainly for household products, medical instruments, diagnostic reagents, pharmaceuticals, health care products, and adult products. The exhibition design exhibition, cultural exhibition enterprises and public welfare activities area. Enterprise exhibition including family planning contraceptives, medical machinery, testing and inspection, birth, reproductive health, health care products Adult supplies etc.. The cultural exhibition area is a collection of ancient Chinese cultural relics, modern folk clay sculptures and oil paintings. Different materials and different forms of art represent the common themes of life, sex and reproduction. Among them, the ancient cultural relics of China are representative of the heritage treasures sexologist Ma Xiaonian more than 3000 collections, clay sculpture artist Yu Qingcheng created his life the essence of painting is oil painter Gong Changhong for decades focused on cultural theme of the classic works. During the exhibition, will be held to commemorate the International Conference on population and development in 20th anniversary and Chinese reproductive health industry development forum “,” Commemoration of the International Conference on population and Development Conference and the 20th anniversary Chinese population development forum “and” seventh Reproductive Health Expo of new technologies and new products of science and technology forum and Symposium on “three” National Forum held at the same time; products standardization seminar “,” to improve the reproductive health of drug quality and contraceptive standardized training class “,” youth health education lecture “,” Chinese ancient cultural exhibition “, a happy and harmonious family and reproductive health culture science activities. In order to publicize the knowledge of reproductive health extensively, the Chinese family health science knowledge contest was carried out in July 10th through the China population daily, the health daily and the China family newspaper.China Reproductive Health Expo (family planning / reproductive health new technology, new products Expo) is the national reproductive health industry development and exchange exhibition platform. Since 2001, it has been successfully held for the six time, and has experienced more than 10 years of development. It has become an important brand in the field of reproductive health in china. The Expo cancelled the name of the “new technology, new products” in the Expo name, and expanded all the technologies and products in the field of reproductive health involved in life. Expo set up more professional than the previous six, requiring exhibitors product quality is higher, professional purchasing surface and audience will be further expanded. This fair will play the role of industry associations, adhere to market-oriented operation, will be closer to the needs of enterprises, close to the needs of the audience, for exhibitors and visitors to create a better income and value.Expo is a WHO, the United Nations Population Fund, the population and the development of South South cooperation partner organizations, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the International Union of reproductive health, the World Health Organization, the United States Mary Stepp supply appropriate health technology support organizations, the concept of fund of the 8 international organizations and relevant departments in charge of health system.The Expo will be closed on September 30th.