Yan Liao also understand the value of online! Have advanced into this doll

Editor’s note: if the inflatable doll has not yet reached the level of human simulation, then ready to meet the arrival of a new batch of inflatable lover! They will be better than the outside looks more sexy bitch sultry, absolutely beyond human existing sex and the degree of consideration. However, such a group of love price is not cheap, according to the exchange rate calculated directly in the RMB 50 thousand yuan, but, you know, really to your hand is estimated to turn a small…… But we believe that, in front of the tyrant and inflatable doll faithful fans, how much money is not a thing! According to the New York post, before the production of silicon is worth more than $7000, hand drawn sex toy company Abyss Creations, recently launched an application of high technology, artificial intelligence into dolls. Hope that the new round of inflatable toys can establish emotional ties with the players, and in the near future there will be the quality of the robot.